Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera for Filmmaking

Samsung Galaxy s8 for filmmaking and it  do the job let’s find out Music is this a tool that can actually work  for you depending whether you’re doing  narrative documentary or even vlogging I  personally like it for wide shots in  b-roll I like it on a gimbal but I’m not  as much of a fan and a narrative Talking  to see a lot of the skin tone  you’re going to see a lot more details  and the rendering of those skin tones is  not going to be as good with the tiny  little lens that’s built into it  there are attachment lenses but those  are just like magnifying glasses on top  of the lens which can give you an effect  like a fisheye for skateboarding videos  of that sort of thing.

Which works great  but it’s not a real cinematic solution  for narrative or even documentary in my  opinion now actually shooting the s8 has  a thing about pro mode is you can  control white balance ISO shutter speed  manual focus or auto and each one of  those settings you can choose to leave  it at auto so it’s kind of nice you can  set it to auto or dial in an exact value  that you want as far as the camera  resolution the forward-facing camera can  do 4k  options internally it’s 64 gigabyte  which is quite a bit but you are  shooting in 4k.

I’m suggesting 2k it  still fills up I haven’t actually had to fill out yet but you do have an option  for a microSD card and you can do up to  256 gig now you’re going to want to make  sure you get 95 megabit per second or  faster there’s specific specs on the  cards that you should get you spend a  little more money on cards that are  capable of I think  this is a great phone for vlogging for  two reasons one the rear facing camera  does up to 2k resolution and two the  sound quality if you listen this is  almost like as if I’m Mike but it’s not  that’s all from the phone itself no  additional mic so I thought I’d do a  little experiment and I threw this  Galaxy s8 onto a gimbal and well take a  look  [Music]  [Music]  overall I think it’s a solid filmmaking  solution especially for a smartphone but  what do you think you own an s8 have you  seen other users footage please post  links or your comments down below I’d  love to hear what you think and I’d love  to see your videos and if you like  filmmaking videos be sure to subscribe  and thank you so much for watching.