Hey what’s up guys its Jae hyung joong  MJ MJ MJ and today we’re doing some lens  tests after receiving a few messages  asking to do some videos on lenses I  thought prospective would be a very  interesting topic the focal length you  choose has a big impact on the  composition and Luke of your shot the  way it appears in relation to one  another it depends on the lens you use  my subject is just a few feet from the  camera and you can tell how far it is  from the background  the funny part of this is that we can  mess around in perspective   make everything look miles away for the  long lens compress the space behind the  subject and it looks like he’s very  close to the background when in reality .

It’s not it just because the lens is  bringing the background close to the  subject let’s test some lenses and see  what happens this is with a sixth in the  lens which is almost a fisheye look it’s  the lens I use for my video tutorials  check what happens to the background  it’s a very wide lens and the subject  looks almost a card so and with the big  head in the small body and all the  background looks miles away  now with the 35mm the scale looks more  real because these focal length is close  to what we see with uni and it can have  a good perception where things are in  relation to one another they’re very  common lens is the 50mm everyone has a  50mm lens in their kit it looks like  this then comparing with these image  shot with a 135 lens notice how close  the background seems to the subject it’s  very hard to get a feel for the  distances now in actual fact they are  probably about 100 meters away from each  other the long lens just compress the  space and seems like the background is  getting closer to our subject as you  could see on the examples all these  lenses give you different looks while  keeping the same frame hope this can  give you a nice idea how you can use  lenses and mess around with perspective  to get a better shot just go out and do  some tests yourself if you enjoyed the  video feel free to share it don’t forget  to subscribe and check the links on the  description as already says I’ll be back  in two weeks take it easy guys have a  nice one by.