Filmmaking – Do you have what it takes

If it’s your dream if it’s your desire  and it’s a very strong desire go for it you think you’ve done something really  good and then you see the end product  and you think if I done this or I’d have  done that or if only I’d have asked that  question the result might have been  different  [Music]  it’s always the money side that’s what  makes you doubt it like it’s difficult  to find regular work and then even if  you find regular work it’s not often  very well-paid  so we prioritize TV stuff over short  film right yeah and he’s got a TV keep  this weekend so we’re sorry but he won’t  be available I could do a job where I  get paid the same thing every month.

I  probably wouldn’t get anything new I  would learn something new I wouldn’t  meet new people every day whereas in  this job I cat  is this just about money why are you  wanting a great product but you know but  the end of the day both fucked that off  I could be more bossing I should have  got into this 40 years ago so I took it  all on myself I ended up with a  splitting headache the next day I was  back there who are ready to start again  we’re now in the sensible route of  getting a proper you know profession and  yeah something was always missing it’s  an addiction to me and if I spend the  rest of my life doing it and don’t make  a success of it well at least.

I can say  I died try 10 minutes on a good day  filmmaking is the source of so much joy  and purpose in my life but just as often  it’s got me pulling my hair out dreading  what’s next  then regretting whatever I did last week  EEP trying and we keep failing but we  keep learning and somehow we keep going  you  what you just watched is a new thing I’m  trying thanks to the first anchor Film  Festival who sponsored this video and  made that whole project happen basically  they asked me to let you know about  their short film festival that has a  cash prize of 1000 pounds so if you’d  like to use that as an extra incentive  to go out and have this crazy experience  that is making a short film then the  deadline is the 10th of December and  I’ll put the rest of the details in a  link in the description but either way  I’ll see you next week when we get into  the making of this whole project.