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  • Film of the month – August 2013

    Autonomy (2008)  – directed by David A. Tree

  • Film of the month – July 2013

    Silence is Golden (2006) – directed by Chris Shepherd

  • Outline // #6

    I start by transcribing the content of the cards into a new Word file called Story Outline. I generally will have written down

  • Attack the Block //

    Attack the Block is about a gang of South London youths who defend their council flat block from an alien invasion.

  • Interview // Matt Compton

    This month’s Spotlight Interview is with Horror aficionado and longterm OTT member Matt Compton. John Condon talks to him

  • The Imposter //

    The Imposter (dir. Bart Layton) opens on a dark rainy night: a crouched figure huddles at the bottom of a phone box

  • Interview // Sumesh Varambhia

    OTT member Sumesh is in pre-production for his first feature film Material Girls. We caught up with him

  • Plotting // #5

    This is another part of the process that happens while I’m brainstorming, doing research, and developing characters.